Dec 14, 2011

so forgive me if i drift off in to silent frozen memories

A few weeks back arnab and I were out shopping with our mom when he held up this Theory turtleneck sweater. I had to do a double-take because arnab is a huge hater of turtlenecks. I don't like them either and have horrible memories of having to wear them as a child… But arnab's hatred is much deeper. Let's face it, the turtleneck is very constricting on the neck, and many would say (including myself and arnab) that often times they are suffocating. 
Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when he handed me the Theory sweater and told me that it was freakishly soft, which it was. I tried it on and I found that thankfully the turtleneck on the sweater was loose enough that it felt like a scarf around my neck and it was very warm! As you can see I brought the sweater home! I guess the lesson in this is that you shouldn't right off things too quickly, especially when it comes to fashion. Designers are creating and improving pieces all the time!

arnab hit the jackpot with this Levi's sweater. We went into the Levi's store one day when they were having a huge sale and he was able to get this sweater for a fantastically low price! The sweater is nice and thick but soft, and arnab's favorite clothing color: grey! It's very hard to shop for arnab because of his size but when we do find things for him they're often times, really cool pieces! 

is wearing Theory sweater, Zara skirt, Target tights, vintage bag, and Calvin Klein heels

arnab is wearing Levi's sweater, Levi's jeans, and Alfani boots

The post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's "Troubadour."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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