Dec 22, 2011



Instead of buying holiday cards, a lot of which are Chrsitmas related, I decided to make cards this year. Usually arnab, the more artsy one in the family, makes them, but I had time on my hnads so I thought I'd give it a go. 
Plus arnab had his hands full making his mixed cd's for everyone. He takes all the songs he got in 2011 and puts together specialized cds for everyone. Then he makes cd cases for the cd's to go in (you'll see it below)!

I think the hardest part about making the cards was trying to figure out the layout, putting it together was a cinch. I decided to go with a colorful Southern California theme, because let's face it Southern California and winter don't mix!

Here's arnab cd case:
All of our friends were amazed at the case, it's really very cool!
The top portion, or front cover, goes with my theme of the So Cal winter. In the bottom portion, though you can't see up close, arnab drew in me, himself, and all of our friends! He actually even put in Ruby!


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