Mar 30, 2011

a thrifting we will go

These outfits were worn to go thrift store shopping. 
The expedition was successful!! (yay)
I bought my vintage DIOR compact during this expedition and arnab bought his business card holder as well.
Pictures of our purchases can be seen in this post.

 anisa is wearing a BCBGMAXAZRIA cardigan, D.C. jeans, B.H. Smith vintage bag, and I.N.C. flats
arnab is wearing Volcom Slim Cargo Pants, Threads and Heirs hoodie, and Kenneth Cole Reaction boots

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Mar 29, 2011

hello sunshine!

arnab got me this dress a couple of birthdays ago and it is one of my favorite dresses to wear. It's very comfortable, it has polka dots, and I love the layered skirt.

The shirt that arnab is wearing is Alternative Apparel and we both are fans of it, so much so that we both have one, in different sizes. And the best part is that we can trade sizes!

 Anisa is wearing a vintage polka dot dress, F21 leopard print carigan, polka dot tights from Target, and I.N.C. flats
Arnab is wearing Volcom Slim Cargo Pants,  Alternative Apparel baseball shirt, Ben Sherman hat, and Kenneth Cole Reaction boots

The title of this post was borrowed from Langhorne Slim. 
Check it out, it's a super fun song!

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Mar 27, 2011

10 things!

It's that time of the week again!

anisa's 5 things!
Current/Elliott Jeans
All my jeans are either skinny jeans or flared. I would love to have a pair like these which are loose and comfortable but look nice as well. Of course arnab tells me to buy regular jeans and fold them, but I'm not swayed. 

Theory: Ford Lanal L Leather Jacket
I'm on the market for a blazer and wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if that blazer was leather like this one?!

Nightcap: BB Keyhole Dress in Black/White Stripe
  I love this dress! So much so that I forgive it for the fact that the neck is bordering on being a highneck. 

 Winter Kate: Devi Key Hole Blouse
Another dress that I love, love, love! Look at those sleeves! But again, what's up with the highnecks? 

BCBGMAXAZRIA: Minna Sateen Jumpsuit
So arnab saw this jumpsuit in a store and had me try it on. Here's something you don't know about me yet, I am a huge fan of jumpsuits/rompers, huge! My problem is that I can never find the right one. Well this is the right one!
Alas, none of my 5 things will be coming home to me, at least not any time soon, but like they say "a girl can dream..."

arnab's 5 things!
 Dominic Jones Jewellery
uh, how awesome are those earrings?

 Fannie Schiavoni
and that necklace? awesome

 a.ok stripe henley tank
so i love a good tank, what guy doesn't? 
but this one in particular is all kinds of cool

chrønicles øf never
not many people know this about me, but i love clothes that are so thin they're practically see-thru
a see-thru, baggy shirt? even more fabulous 

Skingraft Armor Hoodie
i love this
i love the sleek, rugged, elegance of it all

Mar 26, 2011

inspiration: Cupcakes and Cashmere!


When I come onto the computer and start looking at blogs cupcakes and cashmere is the first blog I stop by. 
cupcakes and cashmere is run by Emily Schuman and I am a huge fan of her style. 

The wonderful thing about her blog is that she doesn't just post about fashion, she posts home improvement projects she's done in her own home like this cool floating vase:


 She shares recipes that she's worked with like these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies:

And she posts helpful beauty tutorials like the one below for the winged eye look:
We will be sharing some of the blogs that we like to frequent and this is our first one. Check out cupcakes and cashmere and I'm sure you'll understand why I like visiting her blog so much!


Mar 25, 2011

walls are meant to be climbed

living in Southern California, the skater look is pretty much an every day sight
no matter where you go, it'll be there
in my opinion though, there are always ways to make you stand out
for instance, i've got me a handknit beanie (made by my mom) which freakin' rocks

is wearing a Quiksilver shirt, O'Neill shorts, Vans shoes, and a handknit beanie

Mar 23, 2011

spring is in

Anisa is wearing a BCBGeneration top, Better B., Carlos by Carlos Santana pumps, Vintage bag and belt

Spring started this weekend and it brought it's showers with it. 
Whilst the rain is wonderful for the earth I am not a fan of wet and cold weather so I'm hoping that the worst of it is over. 

I found this  skirt at Buffalo Exchange a few years back and I love it! 
I love how the skirt is built to lift all around and if you were to look under the skirt you would find the strings that control just how high you want the lifts to go. 


Mar 21, 2011

that elusive sunshine

if you live in the Los Angles area, or if you've been watching the news, you know it's been raining cats and dogs and dragons since yesterday
the strange part of this, is that not days earlier we had sunny skies and warm temperatures

arnab is wearing a Ralph Lauren short sleeve button down shirt, Levi's 511 shorts, Alfani boots, and an O'Neill hat with pins