May 31, 2011

So give it up, throw your hats in the air

This past weekend we went to a graduation party and these were our outfits. Interestingly enough to that graduation party arnab wore some of his graduation gifts. He wore his new Levi's that he got from our lovely friends Sosann and Alex and he wore his new Alternative Apparel jacket that he got from our parents.

I'm especially a fan of his pants, they're such a fabulous color! A couple of weeks before arnab was showing alarming interest in electric blue Levi's (which he thankfully passed on.) These pants far surpass those blue ones.

We've been having great weather and since we were going to the bay area I was happy that I could wear my Elizabeth and James jacket. It's so free and delicate and soft, its fabulous. Plus my favorite color is green so anything in my closet that is green is always that much better than the other things. 

I wore with it my trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, also green. Now I can't stand/walk in them for hours on end, but in doses, with breaks of sitting in between, I'm good. 
The heels boost me up to about 5'5" so when I wear them I see how the tall folk live and let me tell you it's not that different from 5'1".

arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel jacket, Levi's tank, Levi's 510 Super Skinny jeans, Ray-Ban Aviators and Calvin Klein loafers
 anisa is wearing a Elizabeth and James jacket, Topman shirt, Current/Elliott jeans, Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel, and Marc by Marc Jacobs boots

Our post title is taken from The Format's "Give it up."
Have a lovely Tuesday!

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May 28, 2011

inspiration: opi!


I love nail polish. 
I've loved nail polish since I was a little girl and the love has only grown stronger. 

My favorite nail polish brand has to be OPI. 
I've tried brands from Revlon to Maybelline to Essie and Chanel so I know for certain that OPI is my brand. 

 As you can see I own a lot of OPI nail polishes. 
For me OPI has great texture, it hardly, if ever, streaks, and there are so many fabulous colors to choose from!

My favorites are Black Onyx, Russian Navy, Mrs. O'Learys BBQ, I'm Not Really A Waitress, Cajun Shrimp, Lucky Lucky Lavender, Dulce De Leche, Bring on the Bling, and Don't Mess with OPI.
(arnab was just as alarmed, as I'm sure you are, with the amount of my favorites) 
This list is for sure going to grow (both my favorites and the total OPI nail polishes that I own) it's inevitable.


May 27, 2011

heartless bastards

Sometimes you just have to grab a stool and pose on it. 
Obviously those are not words of wisdom, nor is it a common phrase but it was definitely what I was thinking when we did pictures for this post.

The vintage boots that I'm wearing are gorgeous. I got them via Etsy and while I think they're the most beautiful boots ever, they are slightly too small for me. But see if that stops me from wearing them. 

As you scroll down you'll see that arnab was more courageous and adventurous with the stool. In fact when he was taking my pictures he dared to climb onto it and take pictures of me whilst standing on it. 

As I am looking at arnab's Diesel shirt I'm wondering why he doesn't wear it more often. Men don't wear too much color do they? But I think the great thing is, is that designers know this and create awesome clothes in the colors men were often, which is great because arnab owns a lot of gray and black. 

anisa is wearing a Elizabeth and James blazer, vintage leopard print blouse, OPI- Don't Mess with OPI, Levi's shorts, and vintage boots
arnab is wearing a Diesel shirt, BDG pants, and Alfani boots
Our post title is the name of a band arnab and I both love. Check 'em out if you have the time!

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May 25, 2011

graduation day

arnab graduated from Cal Stat Northridge yesterday. It was the perfect day for a graduation.

Here we are with our mom:

Here arnab is with some of his fellow graduating friends:

Here we are with Sosann:

Sosann and I again (I really want to take her hair and make it mine, is that weird?):

After the graduation arnab, Sosann, and I went to grab some coffee:

And then after that we met up with Gina (who also graduated yesterday, congrats!) and drove over to Pasadena:

anisa is wearing a Calvin Klein blouse, Current/Elliot jeans, vintage Mosschino necklace, vintage bag, and Seychelles heels
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel baseball tee, vintage necklace, Kr3w cargo pants, Kenneth Cole boots 
All in all it was a great day to be a graduate, or to be a sister of a graduate...
Congrats to all you grads out there!

May 24, 2011

tell all my friends, i'm coming soon

So a couple of weeks ago I turned 24 years old (old I know.) My friends and I finally went out this past Saturday to celebrate and we had a smashing good time!

This is what I wore:

This is me in front of a friend's house. As you can see I changed my hair right before we left.

This is what arnab wore:

Right before we left arnab decided to forgo a jacket because I got my wish of a warm Saturday night, yay!

anisa is wearing a vintage dress, Elizabeth and James blazer, BCBGeneration clutch, Carlos by Carlos Santana heels, and a Moschino belt
arnab is wearing a Calvin Klein shirt, Volcom pants, and Guess by Marciano boots

We went to dinner at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. The food was great and not very pricey for Beverly Hills. It was a bit crowded (of course it was a Saturday night) but we had reservations so we were seated immediately.
Then we went to The Well in Hollywood, which I highly recommended if you're looking for a bar where you can have a nice, fun, but not loud and crowded night.

Here I am with Sosann and Iliana at The Well:

And here arnab is with Gina, Sosann, and Alex at The Well:

 and arnab and Gina again at The Well:

These are the lovely gifts I recieved:

A vintage bag, a peter pan collar dress, an Ecote jacket, and a 
Diane von Furstenberg blouse:

BCBGeneration wedges, Godiva chocolate bars, Finding Nemo, vintage broach, Maggy London Dress (I also received 1-4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid  and a wooden mirror but forgot take their picture):

Our post title is taken from Joe Purdy's "Highways."
Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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