Jan 8, 2012

10 things!

Hope everyone's doing well!! We've had a lovely week and this new one is starting off with the start of NFL playoffs! Also, we may go vintage/thrift shopping later today. Let's cross our fingers, that we'll find cool things!

anisa's 5 things!
So my 5 things takes us back to leopard print, my love for it won't ever die! What I love about leopard print is that it never goes out of style, not really. I have lovely designers like Dolce and Gabana constantly bringing it back in so I never have to worry that I won't find leopard print pieces anymore.

Alexander Wang: Donna leopard hobo

This Alexander Wang bag sparked this 5 things for me! arnab and I were shopping along and we ran into the Wang bags and I was drooling over them and I was hit with this beauty. Love it!

Current/Elliott: Skinny leopard print jeans

Seeing the bag made me remember these Current/Elliott pants, although to be truthful most things make me think of these pants, cause they're always on my mind!

 Elizabeth and James: Leopard-print faux fur pencil skirt

So then I started looking for more lovely leopard print things and I saw this lovely piece!
A leopard print pencil skirt? Yes please!

MICHAEL Michael Kors: Leopard-print silk-crepe dress

And of course who hasn't ever wanted a leopard print dress? I love this one cause it looks light and feminine. Also I'm not a fan of skin tight leopard print dresses, I think it's a bit much, don't you?
Steve Madden: Croquetl

And lastly, I've always wanted leopard print shoes and I've seen this one peeking around in some of the blogs I follow. The ladies always look so chic and relaxed in these babies!

arnab's 5 things!


Tapered Jeans by Crate Denim

Have a great Sunday!

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