Jan 20, 2012

the devil was three steps behind

Shoes are fun aren't they?
Fun to look at, fun to wear, fun to buy! ;)
I go crazy when it comes to handbags, as in I have no control when it comes to them, but with shoes I try to be a bit more practical.
I try to buy pairs that will last long and that are versatile, like my Jeffrey Campbell boots which are my go to shoes, especially for everyday errands and such. Some of the shoes I have, I've had for ages because they're nice and sturdy and they're pretty classic styles, so thankfully they don't go out of fashion.
These Seychelles I'm wearing, I like to pair with dresses and skirts and since they're this lovely nude color I get much use out of them! Even better though is that I've also been known to pair them with a pair of jeans to take my outfit from being plain (and sometimes boyish) to a much more feminine feel, I love them!

anisa is wearing vintage top, BB Dakota skirt, vintage clutch, and Seychelles heels

The post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's "Worn Out Shoes."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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