Jan 16, 2012

eat your heart out: tres leches cake!

Tres Leches Cake

A few weeks back I came across this site, The Pioneer Woman. It's run by a lady named Ree who blogs about her cooking endeavors. Her blog is connected to another blog where members from all over post recipes of their own. I know, so many recipes! What I love about Ree's blog is that she photographs her way through the recipe and shows us what things should be looking like at certain stages, so helpful! 

Anyway, the first (and definitely not last) recipe I tried out was the Tres Leches Cake (or "three milks" cake, if you don't know why it's called that, you will) recipe I found. 
Growing up, many Nepali families I knew served Tres Leches Cake, quite literally, to every celebration and party they held. The adults loved it, the kids were hoping for some chocolate cake! 
My mom was one of those who loved it, and don't get me wrong, arnab and I enjoyed the cake as well, but after eating it over and over again, it was a bit tiring. 

It's been a while since we've eaten the cake, thank gosh, but when I saw the recipe on her site I was curious about it. I read through the directions and it looked quite simple. I made it for our New Years eve and it came out delicious!

Instead of re-posting the recipe here I'll link you and instead post pictures of some of the stages of me making the cake.  :)
The recipe can be found here! First you'll see Ree going through the recipe herself and the below that you'll find the recipe.

This is what the sponge cake looks like:
It's extremely easy to do this, trust me! The thickness will depend on the cake pan you make the cake in. You can even cut the cake in half and make it two layers, something I want to try!

Here's the milk mixture, where all you do is combine the evaporated milk, sweetened, condensed milk, and heavy cream

Poke holes in your cake with a fork, and slowly pour on the milk mixture all over!
In the recipe it says, before you start pouring on the mixture, to separate a cup of the mixture, because most times it will turn out that you wont need the mixture. As a suggestions, definitely keep the cup of milk mixture separate but after the cake has sat and soaked the mixture and right before you serve, if it appears that top of the cake is not so moist, feel free to pour some on the top. The mixture and the cake are not to sweet apart or together so adding that extra cup won't make a huge difference.

When the cake has sat and soaked in the milk mixture add on some whipping cream, maybe some fruit, and tada!

Besides the fact that the cake came out yummy, another good thing that came out is that I found a new sponge cake recipe (which is the base of the Tres Leches)! I use sponge cake a lot. And I loved my old recipe but this one is a little less complicated and the cake comes out bigger and yummy, lovely!

I give this recipe an A+!
Happy baking!

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