Jan 6, 2012

i'm gonna have to leave my knife in your back

We took these pictures while we were over on Melrose a few days back. 
arnab scored a new hat at Goorin Bros. (the one he's wearing is not the new one)
Love that hat store! And I'm sure you've realized, arnab loves hats!
I scored a fabulous new trench coat, I can check it off my list now! It's got a very seventies feel to it and I can't wait to wear it, only the weather won't let me.
If you didn't know we're experiencing some warm weather for January. I'm a huge fan of it! Warm weather in the winter means perfect weather for doing almost everything!
(except wearing my new trench coat, but I can live with that.)

The bag arnab's caring holds my Olga camera that you'll see below. It's a Nepalese bag and I used to have a million of them, but now its just down to one! :(
The shorts arnab is wearing used to be pants! When he showed them to me I kinda thought he was joking when he said he wanted them (he wasn't.) They don't look it in these pictures but they're a bright teal color, I didn't think he liked such bright things. He didn't get them that day but a few weeks later I spotted them and at a huge discount and arnab thought they'd make great cut-off shorts and here we are!

I bought this vintage Talbot shirt at a time when I was looking for a plaid-ish print shirt, except I found this shirt at a disgustingly low price. :) I love it. The prints just perfect and the fit is nice and loose , just right for the nice and loose days!

P.S. I'm slightly obsessed with my vintage Coach bag! I'm wanting one in tan and black, too! ahhhhh!

is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage turquois necklace, Goorin Bros. hat, Ray Ban aviators, Nepalese bag, Levi's cut-offs, and Alfani boots

anisa is wearing vintage Talbot shirt, Free People gold earrings, Joe's Jeans jeans, vintage Coach bag, and Seychelles heels

The post title is a lyric from The Clash "Wrong 'Em Boyo." 
(One of my very favorite songs by the Clash!)
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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