Jan 21, 2012

inspiration: Burberry Prorsum!

Christopher Bailey, Burberry's Chief creative officer, said that he wanted this fall collection to look “polite and charming,” a mix of British city and country style. I totally agree with this review which says that he hit his target spot on! arnab saw the collection before me (while he was at work no less!) and as soon as he saw me he was raving about it and hounding me to look at it. I saw it (you can see it here) and agreed, the collection is stunning!

The collection as a whole is very form-fitting, which is always lovely! 
The coats are perfect in every way!

Bomber jackets! (swoon!)  
I think the bomber jacket is the epitome of sexy and cool.
And did you see those laptop(?) bags, I want one now please!

Gorgeous suits, my favorite is the herringbone!
And how fun are their umbrellas?

Velvet, colored suits!
What a fun and different way to wear a suit!

 And the patterns, all the patterns! 
It's like Mr. Bailey was trying to make us all burst with joy! 
(by 'all' I mean all of us who are obsessed with patterns, me!)

What a wonderful collection!
Wouldn't you agree?!

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