Feb 29, 2012

i got this feeling that we're going in circles

We wore these outfits a few days back when it was still warm out.
We shot these looks in back of one of my favorite vintage stores. It's filled with vintage jewelry and it's always fun to stroll around and look at all the great pieces.

I think I may have too many pairs of jeans. But when I find more while shopping I always find myself asking "can anyone have too many pairs of jeans?" And now I'm thinking if I stopped myself from buying more jeans I would have this lovely pair!
(I'm a bit crazy for jeans, I know!)

arnab always has more restraint then I do. He is able to talk me, and my best friend, in to buying almost anything that we're on the fence about getting. When it comes to himself though, he'll want something, be on the fence about it, you'll give him really good reasons why he should buy whatever it is, and then the next thing you know he doesn't end up getting it! Still I don't think he's ever said no to a new pair of jeans.

anisa is wearing a vintage top, vintage belt, Les Folles De Joie high-rise jeans, vintage clutch, and MIA flats

arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel hood, Alternative Apparel shirt, Ray Ban glasses, Nepalese bag, Levi's cut-off shorts, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from Heartless Bastards' "Wide Awake."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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