Feb 10, 2012

if i could go back...

We wore these outfits to the movies.
arnab was actually sick, he caught a bug from our mom, when we went to the movies, but he roughed it for Underworld. (We're huge fans!)

I love the tights I'm wearing! They have a 60's/70's vibe to them, don't you think?

Like I said in Wednesdays post, I love 70's fashion! And 60's fashion! Actually I pretty much love everything before the 80's and after the 90's. (I think that the 80's and the 90's weren't the best years for fashion, what with the unflattering big hair, over-sized fits, and all the grunge!)
Browsing around I found this picture from 1969:
Look at those tights!!
Find the rest here: Retronaut

arnab is wearing Ben Sherman jacket, All Son thermal, Levi's jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
anisa is wearing Gap sweater, MyNameNecklace necklace, Staring at Stars tights, vintage handbag, and Elizabeth and James boots

The post title is a lyric from The Avett Brothers "If It's The Beaches."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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