Feb 22, 2012


I dressed up my outfit with this vintage coat.
It's interesting how one item can change your whole outfit. 
 (I didn't realize how see-thru this top is!)

I love this leather jacket of arnab's.
It reaffirms why I love vintage so much.
It's very unique and it makes all outfits cool, instantly!

is wearing
vintage Bloomingdale's coat, Zara shirt, vintage bag, Current/Elliott jeans, and Calvin Klein heels
arnab is wearing vintage leather jacket, vintage scarf, Ben Sherman button-down shirt, Levi's jeans, Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from Noah And The Whale's "l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n."
Have a wonderful Wednesday.!!

hype Anisa!

hype arnab!


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