Feb 1, 2012

my standard break from life

This past Sunday arnab and I ventured out with our bestest (may not be a word) friends. It was a beautiful day out so we went shopping over on Melrose and then drove down to the Grove (to do more shopping!) I think the lesson we learned is that the four of us shouldn't shop together, haha, but then again we've been doing it for ages so either we're not very smart or we are smart we just have too much fun to care. (I think it's the latter!) We also went through the Farmers Market that's connected to the Grove and had some delicious Brazilian BBQ, yum!!!
I can't wait for us to do it again! ;)


 I'm wearing my new Genetic Denim jeans which, I kid you not, feel like butter on your skin, I love them! 
I'm also wearing my trusty Seychelles. If I'm ever in the mood to wear heels but I know I'll be walking, I go for these. And I walked in these babies for about 5 hours!


arnab's look was vintage inspired, how fun! He's constantly hounding everyone round him to have a theme party, more specially an era-themed party, and even more specific the '20s and the '50s. hahaha.
So far we've all failed him and he's given up on us having a themed party and instead has said he'll just dress up even if the party isn't themed. I guess he'll just choose the era which fancies him most at the time. haha.

is wearing  Forever 21 sweater, MyNameNeckalce necklace, Genetic Denim jeans, vintage Coach bag, and Seychelles heels

arnab is wearing Levi's button down, d.i.y. bow-tie, Levi's suspenders, Deisel Black and Gold pants, and Kenneth Cole boots

This is where I had our friends stand when arnab was taking my pictures.
Taking pictures makes me really, really uncomfortable!

The post title is an Alkaline Trio song.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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