Mar 9, 2012

relax and stay young

The post title goes well with this post because both arnab and I look ridiculously relaxed.
And I am trying to stay young in this vintage dress (one of my oldest.)
It used to be longer but I removed the extension because I didn't like it and I love it now, except that it is a bit on the short side...

 I think arnab wore this look to work.
Though we both love to get dressed up and look fancy, I don't think we'd ever want to change the fact that our work attire calls for rather relaxed outfits.

anisa is wearing vintage dress, Vintage belt, vintage Irina Maxim bag, and Calvin Klein heels 
arnab is wearing Alternative Apparel top, Volcom cargo pants, and  Calvin Klein  loafers

The post title is a lyric from Grouplove's "Naked Kids."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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