Apr 2, 2012

10 things!

arnab reminded me, a few weeks back, that we hadn't done a '10 things' post in a while. Here we are, even more weeks later and finally we got to doing one.
In a way it's a good thing, it means we haven't been shopping as much.
I think though, in the future we'll try and incorporate other things into the post, instead of what we wish we could buy (haha.)

anisa's 5 things
Even though it's almost always sunny in L.A. we ladies seem to put away our strappy sandals and wedges once November/December hits. Now that April is upon us though it's time to bring our sandals and wedges back out (yay!)
Or we can use the spring and upcoming summer as excuses to buy new pairs!

ASOS: Flossy
ASOS has a huge number of cute sandals for great prices, I really need to get me some!

Sam Edelman: Georgina
The ASOS sandals are the right price for me when it comes to sandals, and these Sam Edelman's are kind-of/very expensive, but they're wicked cool!

Sam Edelman: Sophie
These Sam Edleman's, though, are very lovely price and extremely cute. I won't be surprised if I find them in my closet some time in the near future... haha.

The great thing about wedges is that they're always back "in" every summer so chances are, if you spend a bit on a classic pair like these babies, unless the straps break on you (which would be terrible,) you should be able to wear these for years to come!

ChloƩ: leather wedges
These lovelies, I just snuck in because I thought 'what the hey." 
I absolutely love this pair and I feel like I could wear them every warm day of the year and if they were $700 cheaper, they'd be mine and I would, but they're not...

arnab's 5 things
Loose Pocket Shirt by Cheap Monday

Tommy Chino Shorts by Saturdays

Two Button Blazer by Shades of Grey

Slave Leather Sleeve by Rick Owens Drkshdw

Click on the designers name under the pictures of my '5 things' or the pictures of arnab's '5 things', we've linked them either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at, so if you want anymore information on anything, click away!

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