Apr 18, 2012


Hope everyone's doing well.
arnab and I have been getting a bit lazy, where the blog is concerned, but next week we'll be better!
I have a yummy biscotti recipe waiting to be put up and a fun inspiration post waiting on deck. :)

 I think arnab's whole outift is a perfect example of how awesomely versatile the Levi's brand is, since I'm pretty sure everything, besides his shoes, are Levi's.

I really want my hair to get longer, and soon. It used to hit my waist!
I'm glad I cut it 'cause now I know what it looks like and how it feels and I know it's not really for me. 
I love styling my hair in braids and such and I just can't do it with short hair. 
I just can't wait for my hair to grow longer!

arnab is wearing a Levi's plaid shirt, a Levi's tank, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots
anisa is wearing an Elizabeth and James blazer, vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage clutch, and Calvin Klein heels

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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