Apr 27, 2012

and I always had the blues

 Since I bought this top from Zara's I've been wearing it obsessively, and in fact wore this same outfit both last night for dinner and a couple weeks ago, hahaha.
It combines my love for polka dots and loose tops. Although loose tops aren't the most attractive I think everyone should own some because they're so wonderfully comfortable. The only problem I find is that when you're dressing in a hurry (happens a lot with me) you tend to always reach for these loose tops...

Batman! We're almost, definitely returning to San Diego Comic Con this summer and the third Batman movie is coming out this summer, woot!
I love vintage Batman t-shirts and have received many, many compliments on them.
I'm on the hunt for more, let's hope I get lucky and find some!

anisa is wearing a Zara top, Matix jeans, vintage Coach bag, Calvin Klein heels
arnab is wearing a H&M denim shirt, vintage Batman shirt, KR3W cargo pants, and Converse shoes

The post title is a lyric from The Gaslight Anthem's "Miles Davis And The Cool"
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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