Apr 21, 2012

inspiration: animals!

Animal Lover

I love animals.
Just yesterday I bought a pack of blu-ray documentaries about animals, I'm so excited!
Anyway, since I love animals so much it's not a surprise, to me at least, that they've found their way into my outfits.
I have the more common leopard printed things, but I also have a wolf sweatshirt (seen here), a panda shirt (seen here), and an owl shirt (which I've not yet worn on here.)

And I have these:
Vintage wolf pin and bat ring

Betsey Johnson snake necklace and bracelet

Vintage leopard pin

New leopard print Halogen heels!
I've been looking for leopard heels since forever! 
I love the color one these and they have the perfect low heel.

I'm sure those shoes are not the last things that I buy because of my love for animals.
In fact here are some fabulous animal related things I'm dying to own:
 Ugo Cacciatori: wolf ring, Elizabeth and James: fox earrings
The wolf ring is GENIUS!!!

 Current/Elliott: snake print skinny jeans, J Brand: snake print pants
Snake skin printed pants. Brilliant.

Current/Elliott: cropped skinny jeans, J Brand: leopard jeans 
I've annoyed arnab to death about wanting these Current/Elliot jeans. They're just so amazing!

 Topshop: animal print dress, Giambattista Valli: leopard print dress
The Giambattista Valli dress is too cute!  

Happy Earth Day tomorrow!
(Mutts Comics)
If you want anymore information on anything click on the names, we've linked them either to the store we found them at or to the website we found them at, so click away!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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