Apr 25, 2012

who does it better than we do

Last Saturday arnab and I went to the Camarillo Outlet Mall with some friends. The place is filled with shops, many of whom offer great, discounted prices, so if you love to shop and you love a good deal (who doesn't?) you should definitely think of checking it out.

We had a wonderful time walking around and shopping, though the weather took a turn for the worst (in my and my best friend, Sosann's opinions) near the end, but by then it was dinner time, so it all worked out.
Since we were so busy shopping we didn't take to many pictures but we tried. 
(which is better then a few months back when neither arnab nor I brought a camera to an outing...)

anisa is wearing and Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage skirt, vintage Moschino belt, vintage Coach bag, and Seychelles heels
arnab is wearing a BDG shirt, Buffalo Exchange necklace, Levi's cut-offs, and Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from The Gaslight Anthem's "The Diamond Church Street Choir."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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