May 27, 2012

10 things!

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend.
Here it's being spent shopping, cooking and eating lots of food, watching baseball, and watching movies. :)  

anisa's 5 things
My 5 things this week are all 5 of my favorite things right now.

My new Alexander Wang Deigo bag, that arnab helped me pay for.
I wanted to give myself a big treat for my 25th birthday and this is what I choose.
It was so hard, trying to figure out what to choose but this one won in the end and I love it!

Jean-Michel Cazabat wedges
I've been searching for a pair like these for ages and have found the perfect pair.

New vintage bag arnab gave me for my birthday.

Another new vintage bag.
I'm obsessed with vintage bags, if you couldn't tell

And a vintage tin box that is nautical themed, I love it!

arnab's 5 things

For this weeks' 10 Things I wanted to do something a tad different.
If you know me, you'll know that in addition to fashion I love comics. So for all of you that are interested in reading comics, I've decided to list some really great ones. Now, I've kept the more mainstream popular comics off the list. Things like Batman (the greatest superhero), the Avengers, the X-Men, even the Walking Dead or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who you might come across in passing and could easily google. (Though I have linked great starting points if you click their name.) Instead I'm leaving you with some lesser known, more obscure books that are sure to grab your attention.

First up we've got American Vampire. While you might be sick of vampires, I promise you, this book is unlike anything you've seen in movie theaters and tv shows. This here is the ultimate vampire book with all the blood, violence, and romance you'll ever need.

Next up we've got Gladstone's School for World Conquerors. You read right, this book is all about supervillains in training. Perfect for all ages, this exciting book is filled with action, adventure, and unforgettable characters.

Certainly the most quirkiest book of the bunch, Chew brings a tremendous amount of humor to often unfunny situations.

Whereas the previous three book are ongoing (meaning the entire story has not concluded) this book and the following are complete stories. Y The Last Man is fantastic story about a post-semi-apocalyptic story where all but on man in the world has died.

I Kill Giants may be the last book on the list, but that in no way implies it is the last in greatness. This book is filled with excitement, youthful exuberance, a hint of sadness, and a whole lot of heart.

Well, there's my list of books. Hopefully my comic book talk hasn't bored you, but hey, it's nice to have other interests, no?
While I'm sure the success of movies such as the Avengers and The Dark Knight, as well as tv shows such as the Walking Dead and Smallville have nudged you towards checking out comics, hopefully my list will direct you to gems you might have otherwise overlooked.


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