May 23, 2012

and i don't know how it gets better than this

This past Saturday arnab and I went out for part 2 of my birthday celebration.
We went out with my best friend Sosannn and a few other lovely folks to dinner at Cafe Bizou, which is a cute French restaurant in Sherman Oaks.
I love  French and Italian food!!
Afterwards went and saw Dark Shadows, which arnab and I loved.
I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (both apart and together) so the movie was a lovely treat. :)

I'm wearing two presents I got for my birthday. 
The skirt, Studio M, was a gift from my parents and the vintage bag was from arnab!

arnab left the cardigan at home. 
The nights are nice and cool, which is a great reprieve from the warm days we've been having.

anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Studio M skirt, vintage bag, and Calvin Klein heels
arnab is wearing Denim & Supply carigan, H&M denim shirt, Levi's pants, and Calvin Klein loafers

Here are the rest of my gifts: 
 an H&M shirt, which is sheer and mixed with lace and metallic (awesome) and a Batman shirt (double awesome)!
 Essie "Coat Azure" nail polish, a green lace dress (loving the lace), and a Betsey Johnson crossbody bag!

skirt, skirt, skirt (oh my!) and a polka dot dress!!

a heart shaped jewelery case, a bracelet, and an emerald ring (my birthstone)!
I love all my gifts!!!  :)

The post title is a lyric from Taylor Swift's "Fearless."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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