May 12, 2012

d.i.y. personalized coffee cups

D.I.Y. Personalized Coffee Mugs

My parent's wedding anniversary is on the same day as my birthday. It makes for a very hectic two weeks since my mom's birthday and Mother's day are only days apart, and some years Mother's day falls on my birthday/my parent's wedding anniversary. Crazy!

Buying gifts is always insane this time so this year I thought I'd make something for my parents myself.
I like the personalized coffee mug idea because they're useful, you can decorate it how you like, and if you're gifting to anyone like my parents (or if it's for yourself and you're like my parents) you won't use them, but instead will use them as decoration, haha. 

For this d.i.y. all you need is porcelain paint markers:
You can find these at any art store and after drying completely the paint shouldn't come off. Also if you make mistakes as you're painting the ink comes off with water and a bit of rubbing, as long as you make the corrections fast.

 and stencils:
I made this polka dot one myself with thick paper.

These are Martha Stewart stencils I found at Michaels.

This d.i.y. is super easy and the best part is that you can paint on whatever you'd like, a name, polka dots, flowers, etc. You can even free hand if you want! For the handle parts I just free handed hearts on my mom's cup and vines/leaves for my dad's.

Have a happy weekend!

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