May 25, 2012

don't you worry 'bout me anymore

When I found this skirt at a thrift store I immediately wanted it because I love the color of it. 
When I went to purchase it and the cashier told me it was on sale for $2 I knew it was meant to be. :)
I paired it with one of my favorite belts, my eagle belt, which I forgot to include in my animal post, oh well. 

When we left the house I warned arnab that he might get hot, but he didn't listen.
Long story short, it got hot.
The moral of this story? Always listen to your sister. 
Still if there was an outfit that was worth getting hot in his would be it. 
(especially since, by the end of our shopping he had entirely unbuttoned his shirt...)

anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage skirt, vintage belt, vintage bag, and Topshop sandals

arnab is wearing a Salt Valley shirt, RayBan aviators, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from Sugarland's "Little Miss."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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