May 18, 2012

here comes the sun again

Right now we're at this awkward stage where we have out both our colder and warmer weather clothes because some days it's cold and some days warm, crazy I know.
And even though it can get really hot here I'd like the summer to start so that my closet can stop being such a hot mess.

A few months back I read in a blog-I've forgotten which, about someone's summer sandal for the year and it caught my interest instantly because it sounded like a great excuse to buy new sandals. ;)
I bought these sandals soon after I read that blog post and I love them.
The first day I wore them the backing bruised the heck out of me but since then, and to my joy, nothing! :)
I guess I just needed to break them in.

 Warmer weather for arnab means trouble. 
Now that we're getting more warmer weather and when it becomes more consistent I'm sure you'll be seeing arnab in shorts often. Thankfully he owns many pairs, including two in very bright colors which you would never guess he would own, these yellow shorts being one and a pair of blue ones being the other.
It's good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

anisa is wearing a Topman shirt, BGBGeberation shorts, vintage bag, and Aldo sandals
arnab is wearing a Goorin Bros. hat, vintage button down shirt, Levi's cut-offs,  and Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from M. Ward's "Here Comes The Sun Again."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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