May 30, 2012

these things will never change

The title of our post could be speaking about many different parts of my outfit. 
1. I'll never stop loving leopard!
2. These jeans are so soft and comfortable I've lost count how many times I've worn them, just this week. 
and 3. The same goes for these Topshop sandals. I have these and my Aldo sandals (last seen here) on constant rotation, I love them soo much!

arnab, though, has a thing about repeating clothing articles in a week, as in- he doesn't.
Shoes are a different story entirely.
Being a big fan of boots, he wears all of his pairs quite often!

anisa is wearing an H&M top, vintage belt, Alexander Wang bag, Genetic Denim jeans and Topshop sandals
arnab is wearing an Urban Outfitters tank top, vintage Moschino necklace, RayBan sunglasses, Kr3W cargo pants, and Zara boots

 Hi Ruby!
(she's sleeping on my Batman pillow!)

The post title is a lyric from Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars"
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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