Jun 27, 2012

and your heart's still beating

 I don't usually try to match tops and bottoms or bags or shoes, if it happens it happens- is my motto, for this look, I guess it happened.
I based the whole look off of the shoes I'm wearing.
I actually altered them, with arnab's help, by taking off two straps completely and so I wanted to try out my finished product.
(If I remember I'll post a before and after.)
It's risky business, chopping leather straps off shoes, but I'm happy to report it was a success!


arnab loves wearing ties and bow ties and wears them whenever he can.
He insists on tying (and untying when he's done with it) the tie every time he wears one and he has never worn a ready-to-wear bow tie, he only wears the ones he has to tie all by himself.
It's a nice sentiment but the process of tying either is a long one, I don't know where he gets the patience. 

anisa is wearing an Urban Outfitters top, BCBGMAXAZRIA skirt, vintage bag, and DV by Dolce Vita shoes
arnab is wearing Kenneth Cole shirt, Goorin Bros. fedora, KR3W pants, and Guess by Marciano boots

The post title is a lyric from Josh Ritter's "Still Beating."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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