Jun 8, 2012

there's just something about the summertime

Surprise birthday parties seem to be all the rage around here.
It's interesting because before this summer we've never been to any!

Last Sunday we went to one and this is what we wore:

I told my friend Iliana that I was looking for a light pink lipstick and she suggested trying out the MAC store and so I went there and one of the lovely ladies helped me find the one I'm wearing in these pictures.
I love it, it's just the right shade of pink. :)

anisa is wearing a vintage dress and vintage bag
arnab is wearing an H&M shirt, RayBan sunglasses, Ben Sherman hat, Levi's cut-off shorts, and Converse high-tops

The post title is a lyric from The Gaslight Anthem's "Miles Davis And The Cool."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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