Jul 28, 2012

inspiration: Jeffrey Campbell!

Jeffrey Campbell shoes





I want to get my hands on Dayton and Dodge City!
And Estella. And Paige. And Burke City.
Okay all of them. I want them all!!

If you want anymore information on anything, click on the designers name under the pictures or the pictures. We've linked them either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at. 

Jul 27, 2012

be here now

Finally a post about our camping trip!
This time around we visited the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, here in California.
The drive was about 5 hours, which was nice! 
Then again it was our friend Alex who drove the whole time, so that is probably why it was so nice for the rest of us. 
The whole time we were there we were busy, busy bees which was great because I had a blast!

anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage skirt, vintage bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ipad case, and Topshop sandals (below I'm also wearing an Alternative Apparel hoodie and JBrand jeans )
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Levi's jeans, and Converse shoes

On the way to the parks we stooped by a restaurant in
We had initaially stopped in the small town because we had  gps searched resturants and found one interesting, but when we got to it, it did not look appealing at all!
So insetad we opted for a restroom break and across from the McDonald's we were using we saw 
and decided to check it out.
The restaurant was cute and very western, cowboy styled.
Our food was delicious!
And our waitress, who was serving a pretty packed place, was extremlly nice throughout our lunch.
We took pecan and apple pie a la mode, to go and they too were too die for!

The gorgeous scenery around our campsite:

The ladies hangin' around:

the guys at work:

arnab and nilu being silly:


me, nilu, and sosann :) :

There were many, many warning signs of putting away food, things that could be mistaken as food or scented things because bears frequented the parks and guess what? 
We saw a baby bear!!!!!
It was sooo cute and we were very tempted to convince it to come home with us! ;)

The post title is a quote by Ram Dass (don't know who that is.) I got the quote from Wilfred!(Love that show!!)
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Jul 25, 2012

the dark knight rises

Hi all!

We're so very late posting up pictures from our trip and we're going to be even later as this post has nothing to do with it and everything to the with The Dark Knight Rises.

First of all, our hearts go out to the victims and families of victims of the shooting on Friday morning.

We were camping when the movie released last week and have not been able to go and watch the movie until tonight, even though we really, really wanted too!

And we let my best friend, her fiance, and her sister borrow the first two, since they'd never seen it before, and they loved it! 
(I know you're probably thinking "they hadn't seen it til now?!" I would think the same.)
So they joined us and I think I can speak for us all, including everyone in theater with us, we loved it!

Here's what we wore to watch the movie:

anisa is wearing a vintage Batman shirt, vintage Guess by Marciano shorts, and Alexander Wang bag
arnab is wearing a Batman and Robin shirt and Levi's jeans

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Jul 23, 2012

we're back!

Hi everyone!

We're back from our trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

We had a blast!
But we'll be resting for a bit and will have more posts about our trip real soon!
Until then:

Jul 18, 2012


This post is a bit of a continuation, or part 2, of Monday's Comic Con post.
It's all about the things we got whilst at Comic Con.

Jerry Gaylord, the artist of the comic Fanboys vs. Zombies, drew me and arnab as zombies!!

 We would have just been happy meeting him, and the writer Sam Humphries, as we're huge fans of the comic but these drawings are like the best things ever!

 When we met Olivier Coipel (who drew the Scarlett Witch) and Tony Daniel (who drew Batman), they not only signed some stuff for us but they also drew small sketches. :)

We bought prints from Rafael Albuquerque to add to our collection:

 And some prints from Dustin Nguyen (who did the Bat family below) and Norm Rapmund (who did the Deadpool(!!!) below)

 arnab found this statue, designed by Tony Daniel (yes from above), which has sold out and we couldn't find anywhere, so yay!

And the Marvel booth gave out these cool 3D glasses that will become useful if/when we start buying 3D movies, until then they'll be decoration or something. :)

So we're off camping from today until Sunday.
Have a great week!

Jul 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012

arnab and I were at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday and had a blast as usual. 
You cannot imagine how many people come to this convention. 
It was ridiculously fun, with so many things to see.
And, for arnab and myself, we got to see some meet many of our favorite comic book writers and artists, awesome!

Click below for more pictures!

Jul 14, 2012

inspiration: rings!

Rings, Rings, Rings

I love jewelry.
And I especially love rings.    
I've been looking for a thumb ring recently (for no particular reason) and while looking I stumbled onto these beauties:

Alexander McQueen / Alvina Abramova / Jules Smith


If you want anymore information on anything, click on the designers name under the pictures or the pictures. We've linked them either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at. 

Jul 13, 2012

I would've been your fool

The heat has finally landed here in Southern California.
Before this week we were actually enjoying much cooler weather than the rest of the country but I guess mother nature thought we were feeling left out because boy did it get hot this week!
 These pictures were taken when it was cooler and I only mention this because arnab wouldn't be wearing a jacket, even one as thin as this one, and I wouldn't ever think of wearing leather anything in 100° weather.

anisa is wearing a BCBGMAXAZRIA shirt, vintage leather shorts, vintage clutch, and Calvin Klein heels
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel jacket, BDG tank top , Levi's jeans, and Zara boots

On Saturday arnab and I will be at San Diego Comic Con!
And then next Wednesday we'll be off on a camping trip!
We are super excited!

The post title is a lyric from The Gaslight Anthem's "Here's Looking at You, Kid."
(I changed the "her" to "your" ;))
Have a wonderful Friday!!