Jul 8, 2012

10 things!

Hi guys!
Today I'm doing a different type of 10 things.
Summer is here, obviously, so I just wanted to share some things that have been on constant rotation for me this summer.

My top 3 lipsticks:
MAC: Frost Angel / Estée Lauder: Rose Tea / Clinique: Air Kiss 
I don't wear lipstick as much as I'd like too but when I do wear it it's always one of these three.

My top 4 nail polishes, plus a top coat that's to die for:
MAC- Kid Orange / OPI- Russian Navy / YSL: Bleu Majorelle / Dior: Waterlily / Seche Vite- Dry Fast top coat
The Dior green is super pretty and I had to really hunt to find it, the Opi Russian Navy is one of my favorite polishes ever, the YSL is gorgeous, and the MAC orange is really very fun. Sosann, my bff ;), told me about the top coat, it dries super fast and leaves your nails looking very shiny, I love it!

Sunglasses to protect the eyes (and to look cool in! ;))

And hats!
Specifically the panama hat, my favorite!
Bailey / J.Crew
I love these hats and rave about the style all the time.  
I don't know why I have yet to buy one for myself.

If you want anymore information on anything, click on the designers name under the pictures or the pictures. We've linked them either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at. 

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