Jul 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012

arnab and I were at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday and had a blast as usual. 
You cannot imagine how many people come to this convention. 
It was ridiculously fun, with so many things to see.
And, for arnab and myself, we got to see some meet many of our favorite comic book writers and artists, awesome!

Click below for more pictures!

anisa is wearing a vintage Batman shirt, Levi's corduroy shorts, vintage belt, vintage Coach bag, and Topshop sandals
arnab is wearing Junkfood Batman shirt, Levi's jeans, and Converse shoes

Here are some shots from SDCC 2012:

Downtown San Diego:


 Trolls and Gollum from the new Hobbit movie!!

 I'm so excited for it!!

Michonne and her Zombies from The Walking Dead
arnab and I are big fans of the show and even bigger fans of the comic!
We met Charlie Adlard (the artist of the comic) too!
Thankfully Robert Kirkman came to our comic book store a while back because everyone wants to meet him now.

Scott Snyder in an Owl mask:
One of our favorite writers!

Optimus Prime!!
and me!!

I got super excited when I saw these guys. 
I love that show!!

And arnab met Richard Speight Jr.
  The Trickster / Gabriel  from Supernatural.
Or you may know him from the Pepsi commercials. 
(arnab pointed out that he was pointing to the Pepsi can arnab was holding, haha)

And some fabulous statues of Sauron and Gandalf!!
All the statues are so fantastic, I wish I could take them all home with me!

We had so much fun and I really can't wait for next year!
Have a wonderful Monday!!

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