Jul 27, 2012

be here now

Finally a post about our camping trip!
This time around we visited the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, here in California.
The drive was about 5 hours, which was nice! 
Then again it was our friend Alex who drove the whole time, so that is probably why it was so nice for the rest of us. 
The whole time we were there we were busy, busy bees which was great because I had a blast!

anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, vintage skirt, vintage bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ipad case, and Topshop sandals (below I'm also wearing an Alternative Apparel hoodie and JBrand jeans )
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Levi's jeans, and Converse shoes

On the way to the parks we stooped by a restaurant in
We had initaially stopped in the small town because we had  gps searched resturants and found one interesting, but when we got to it, it did not look appealing at all!
So insetad we opted for a restroom break and across from the McDonald's we were using we saw 
and decided to check it out.
The restaurant was cute and very western, cowboy styled.
Our food was delicious!
And our waitress, who was serving a pretty packed place, was extremlly nice throughout our lunch.
We took pecan and apple pie a la mode, to go and they too were too die for!

The gorgeous scenery around our campsite:

The ladies hangin' around:

the guys at work:

arnab and nilu being silly:


me, nilu, and sosann :) :

There were many, many warning signs of putting away food, things that could be mistaken as food or scented things because bears frequented the parks and guess what? 
We saw a baby bear!!!!!
It was sooo cute and we were very tempted to convince it to come home with us! ;)

The post title is a quote by Ram Dass (don't know who that is.) I got the quote from Wilfred!(Love that show!!)
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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