Jul 6, 2012

eat your heart out: ramen noodles!

Ramen Noodles

arnab and I have heard so much about ramen noodles from our friends. 
Until early this year, though, we've never tried it. 
Finally Iliana took us to a ramen restaurant and we loved them!

A few weeks later I got to wondering if it was possible for us to make the noodles a home, for days when we're too lazy to leave the house.
Admittedly I was looking for ready made noodles (possibly like pasta) and a recipe for soup to make the noodles in, instead I found a recipe for making the noodles!
This recipe is for making the noodles and then you make your own soup and is best for a cold day. :)

The recipe and a thorough step by step can be found here
This recipe yields only 1 serving (aka 1 bowl of ramen noodles.)
If you are making more than 1 serving I suggest making each serving separately.
arnab and I tried to make 4 servings all at once but the dough was a hot mess.
So we then tried making each serving separately and it worked fantastically (though the process would take less time with more than one person working.)

{kneading the dough}

{rolling it out}

{folding it into thirds}

{chop, chop}


For the soup we played with spices and we mixed it all in with soy sauce and chicken stock.
And by we I mean arnab, I am not at all a confident cooker.
arnab however, takes all kinds of ingredients and the next thing you know you're drinking some yummy soup!

I can't wait to make this when the weather gets cooler!

Happy eating!

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