Jul 25, 2012

the dark knight rises

Hi all!

We're so very late posting up pictures from our trip and we're going to be even later as this post has nothing to do with it and everything to the with The Dark Knight Rises.

First of all, our hearts go out to the victims and families of victims of the shooting on Friday morning.

We were camping when the movie released last week and have not been able to go and watch the movie until tonight, even though we really, really wanted too!

And we let my best friend, her fiance, and her sister borrow the first two, since they'd never seen it before, and they loved it! 
(I know you're probably thinking "they hadn't seen it til now?!" I would think the same.)
So they joined us and I think I can speak for us all, including everyone in theater with us, we loved it!

Here's what we wore to watch the movie:

anisa is wearing a vintage Batman shirt, vintage Guess by Marciano shorts, and Alexander Wang bag
arnab is wearing a Batman and Robin shirt and Levi's jeans

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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