Jul 18, 2012


This post is a bit of a continuation, or part 2, of Monday's Comic Con post.
It's all about the things we got whilst at Comic Con.

Jerry Gaylord, the artist of the comic Fanboys vs. Zombies, drew me and arnab as zombies!!

 We would have just been happy meeting him, and the writer Sam Humphries, as we're huge fans of the comic but these drawings are like the best things ever!

 When we met Olivier Coipel (who drew the Scarlett Witch) and Tony Daniel (who drew Batman), they not only signed some stuff for us but they also drew small sketches. :)

We bought prints from Rafael Albuquerque to add to our collection:

 And some prints from Dustin Nguyen (who did the Bat family below) and Norm Rapmund (who did the Deadpool(!!!) below)

 arnab found this statue, designed by Tony Daniel (yes from above), which has sold out and we couldn't find anywhere, so yay!

And the Marvel booth gave out these cool 3D glasses that will become useful if/when we start buying 3D movies, until then they'll be decoration or something. :)

So we're off camping from today until Sunday.
Have a great week!

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