Aug 25, 2012

and we’re all on our way to the beach

"Crossing sandy dunes
Hot day, mid-June
Naked kids, running wild, and free.
It's summer time fun, relax and stay young...
The water feels nice, dive deep down under
The ships, and treasures make reef
Just one of those days, had a blue, perfect wave
Come out, and join. You'll see."
{we played this song on the car ride to the beach both times we went}
{and we even sang it at the beach the second time}

The beach is a wonderful, wonderful place!
My bff wants to live near the beach for at least a year and who are we to discourage that?!
{in fact, if she's reading this (in arnab's words) "get to it!"}

This post will include pics. from two different days we were at the beach, I only write this because then the sporadic-ness of the pictures may make some more sense.

at Malibu:

{We always see dolphins. They are so beautiful!}

anisa (above) is wearing a vintage Talbot shirt, vintage Moschino necklace, Ray-Ban wayfarers, and Levi's shorts
anisa (below) is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Levi's vest, and Billabong swim shorts

 beach + Anisa = crazy hair!

  beach + Arnab = crazy hair!
{I guess it's in our genes}

arnab (above) is wearing Aussiebum swim shorts and Andrew Christian swim shorts
arnab (below) is wearing an Outcast Americana tank, Andrew Christian swim shorts, and Quiksilver sandals
My favorite people instagramed:

The post title is a lyric from GROUPLOVE 's "Naked Kids."
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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