Aug 27, 2012

eat your heart out: diy cupcakes!

A recipe post! 
I haven't done one in forever!
But hopefully we'll get back to doing these fairly often. 

One thing that I've learned in all my baking endeavors is that some cake recipes shouldn't ever be made into cupcakes unless they say you can or you're an expert.
It's just weird that way sometimes.
Unfortunately, you also never know which cake recipes can be converted and which can't. 

One of my most favorite cakes is the sponge cake.
It's a fairly easy cake to make and I think it has a nice balance of everything.
I decided to take my favorite sponge cake recipe and make them into cupcakes, with my fingers crossed. 
And they came out lovely!

I used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman, which provides a picture by picture how-to. 
{The recipe starts with the making of the cake and you stop once the cupcakes are made, don't go on to the evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream}
I followed the recipe for the cake step by step, including the oven temp, the filled cupcake liners about 3/4, and then put them in the oven for 35 min. (it may take longer) and checked them w/ toothpicks.

Then came the frosting:

Ice cream!  
Since it's been on the warmer side here I thought I'd do an ice cream cupcake and it came out delicious!

mocha almond fudge

chocolate chip

Whipped Cream!
Then next day I started experimenting with whipped cream, I honestly loved all the results.

Regular whipped cream, which I love because you can eat it alone or pair it with fruits!

Chocolate whipped cream, that I made for the first time and it was a hit!

And mocha whipped cream, that I also made for the first time and was oh so yummy!

Whipped cream is very easy to make and what's great about it is that as you can make it to your taste  with more/less vanilla, more/less sugar, etc. 
I found the recipes for all the whipped creams here, it comes with a youtube video and everything!

Happy baking!!

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