Aug 11, 2012

inspiration: beating the heat!

When the weather gets as hot as it's been here in L.A. all I ever want to wear are dresses, specifically loose cotton dresses.
And since L.A. gets this hot weather every year, one would assume that I would own a good amount of loose cotton dresses, right?
Well, to my dismay, I found out earlier this week that I only own 1 dress fitting this description.
What a terrible discovery.

Word of advice to anyone who will be encountering hot weather: 
avoid clothes made of polyster (and the like) and avoid tight things.
It won't nessarily make you cooler but those things add to the heat and who wants that?

I perused through ASOS to see if I could find any loose cotton dresses, cause this heat might not be leaving yet, and here are some I liked:

{the lobster dress has sold out. how very sad!}


This last one is cotton but is on the more tighter side.
It's really only here because I saw it and decided- it will be mine!

If you want anymore information on anything, click on the designers name under the pictures or the pictures. We've linked them either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at.
Have a great weekend!


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