Oct 7, 2012

5 things!

Hi guys! 

I hope everyone's been having a swell weekend! 
Our's started off grand when we went to see The Head and The Heart at the Wiltern on Friday night.
I was sick with a cold and I had work early on Saturday morning but I would not have missed that show for anything.
The show was such a blast!
I woke up Saturday morning, though, and I had lost my voice! haha 

Today I bring you '5 things!"
Not our old '10 things' but I wanted to share some nail stuff I've been using for a while. 


I had been looking for a rack to organize all my nail polishes on for quite awhile. 
When I would google 'nail polish rack' I would get those salon racks, which cost a lot of money. 
When I told arnab what I was looking for, he told me to search for spice racks instead and I thought 'aha! why didn't I think of that!' 
When I searched for spice racks on amazon I found the one above and, funnily enough, most of the customer review pics. were of it being used as a nail polish holder. 
I saw that and read the reviews and I was sold! :)

I've had problems with my cuticles for a long time, mostly from using nail polish remover and because my hands are always so dry.
Finally I searched online to see what other people were doing for their cuticles and I read about the two next things. 
You can find both at any drugstore or places like Target.
 Burt's Bees: Cuticle Creme, Lemon Butter

I put this around my nails every night before I go to bed. 
The lemon scent smells like the yellow Starburst, which is the only one I eat, so I adore the smell. 
(but also, if you use this at night you'll fall asleep so you wont have to deal with the smell for long if you don't like it.)  
The cream really soothes the cuticles and really has done wonders for mine.

 Sally Hansen: Instant Cuticle Remover

I use this about once a week when I do my nails, or anytime after I use nail polish remover. 
The day I was buying it the lady in line after me saw what I was purchasing and told me she had been using it for years and loved it, that was nice to hear. 
It's great for fixing up your cuticles, pushing them back and such, without harming them.

 OPI: Matte Nail Envy

I'm using OPI's Matte Nail Envy to straighten my nails because they're really thin. 
The reviews tell you to use it once a week, and to make sure to remove it every week because otherwise it might stain your nails yellow.
My nails seem to be getting a bit stronger, as I haven't cut them in two weeks and they haven't started breaking as they usually do.
The matte is for people who like a very natural look, instead of a shiny one, when doing your nails without color. 

Essie: Matte About You; Matte Finisher

Essie's Matte About You is like magic!
It instantly turns your shiny, colored nails matte.  
I love it!
A few weeks back I did this:
That I saw done here.
It was so cool!
{I bought both the OPI and the Essie on Ebay!}

Have a happy football Sunday!

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