Oct 23, 2012

come into my world i've got to show, show, show you...

I've been looking for a denim blazer ever since seeing one on Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.
I don't know why, in all my searching, I didn't think to look at the Levi's store.
 Levi's has yet to fail me!

And. And. And.
I've also been hunting for cute mary-janes and didn't have a preference on whether they were flats or pumps.
Then I found these cute ones over at Modcloth and I couldn't pass them up!
{If you're wondering I didn't go on a spending craze!! I bought these separately and months apart ;)}

It's getting a bit chilly here in L.A. so we get to pull out our cold weather-wear, yay.
When arnab saw this sweatshirt on ASOS he couldn't pass it up and I fully encouraged it.
We love L.A.!!!

I'm not the biggest fan of 90's fashion but I love the 90's feel of arnab's sweatshirt, not to mention the green is a fantastic color!
When he bought it he mentioned that the graphic reminded him of Saved by the Bell and now whenever I see the sweatshirt I think of the show
Which is cool because both arnab and I are huge fans of it!

anisa is wearing an H&M shirt, Levi's blazer, vintage pin, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Betsey Johnson skirt, and Modesta heels
arnab is wearing an ASOS sweatshirt, diy beanie, RVCA jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from Regina Spektor's "Hotel Song."
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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