Oct 29, 2012

do it yourself

 Hi guys!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

To start off the week, I'm going to share some great d.i.y. ideas I found on pinterest.

For your nails!
I tried this over the weekend and it would have worked perfectly if I hadn't taken the tape off so quickly!

For the beach hair look!! 
Go here for detailed directions.
I tried this one out as well during the weekend.
I found coconut oil in Trader Joe's and a spray bottle at Sally Beauty Salon, though you should get one bigger than 8oz. 
This worked pretty well on my hair and the coconut oil smelled so good!!

 And for organizing you makeup tools! 
{something I need help with!!}
This diy is originally from the blog: P.S. I Made This and the the original post can be found here.

Congrats to the San Fransisco Giants!!
{Hopefully next year it'll be the LA Angels!!}
Have a great Monday!!

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