Oct 17, 2012

inspiration: Miu Miu shoes!!

I took notice and fell in love with Miu Miu when the line came out with their daisy pumps in 2010.
I am a huge fan of daisies and I absolutely could not get over these pumps.
{they're the first ones pictured below}
I know many of their shoes are not conventionally pretty, so they're for some people but not for all, however I just love them in an artistic sense, they're so unique and creative!
Anyway, ever since then, I've seen Miu Miu as the brand for statement shoes.
And if I ever get my hands on those daisy shoes... {!!!}

Miu Miu Summer/Spring 2010
 {found this pic here.}
{want. want. want.}
 {found this pic here.}

Miu Miu Fall 2011
{found this pic here.}

This whole post was made possible because while we were at Neiman's during the weekend I spotted these babies:
{find these here.}
They are even more amazing in person and if I could spare the money and splurge on something, this one would be a huge contender.

{find these here.}
And these ones are just amazingly cute with just the right amount of a 60's heel!

{find these here.}

{find theses here.}
Love these!!

Have a happy Wednesday!!

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