Oct 11, 2012

lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways

{the Wiltern- by the way, I am a HUGE fan of art deco and so every time we pass the Wiltern I swoon. arnab totally thinks I'm crazy and thought so even more when I told him we should dedicate one day to going to all the art deco styled buildings in L.A.}

Last Friday arnab and I went to the Wiltern to see The Head and the Heart, a band I've been obsessed with since the beginning of the summer. 
(and the obsession hasn't diminished at all!)
The show was fantastic!! 
The crowd was an esepcially happy and fun one. 
They cheered just as loudly for the openers as they did for the main event and when The Head and the Heart came out we went crazy. :)

The whole crowd was singing along and the band, who only have one c.d. at the moment, sang all the songs from the cd! 
It was a fabulous hour and forty minutes!! 

{These next pics. are from the weekend.}

So. arnab made this skirt:
And by made I mean that he created the print on the skirt, had it printed onto cloth, and then took the cloth and made me a skirt!
Isn't that amazing!


anisa is wearing a Topman shirt, a d.i.y. skirt made entirely by arnab, vintage belt, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag, and Topshop sandals
arnab is wearing a The Head and the Heart band shirt, Goorin Bros. hat, KR3W jeans, and Converse shoes

The post title is a lyric from The Head and the Heart's "Down In The Valley."
Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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