Oct 30, 2012

so i'll be bold, as well as strong

On Saturday night arnab and I attended a Nepalese wedding. 
It was for the daughter of one of our parent's friend.
Like most Nepalese parties it was filled with color, yummy food and was very loud.
This is what we wore:

I wore one of our mom's sari's. 
I only own two, a black and a purple one.
My mom probably owns more than a hundred.
I love sari's, they're so pretty.
But they're also a bit uncomfortably tight around the hips (or else the sari will just fall apart) and they make you hot pretty quickly. 
Still in the end I think, for how rarely I wear them, the pain is worth it.

Nepalese men, aka, my brother, have it so easy. 
They get to wear comfortable black slacks, a white button down shirt, and some nice shoes.
Though I will say that arnab did have it a little tougher then the other men.
He was asked by the mother of the bride to take some pictures here and there, which equaled to about 3 hours on non-stop picture taking.
All the running around didn't leave him cool and relaxed, that's for sure.

anisa is wearing a sari, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, vintage clutch, and Carlos Carlos Santana heels
arnab is wearing a Calvin Klein top, diy bow tie, Comune pants, and Alfani shoes

The post title is a lyric from Mumford & Sons' "I Will Wait."
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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