Nov 13, 2012

‘cause i’m on top of the world, ‘ay!

 I always figured my love for denim shirts was a part of my huge love for denim.
Recently though I was reminded that my love was started by, or maybe was intensified by, Brian Kinney, from Queer as Folk
That man can where denim shirts so well!! ;)
Re-watching the show makes me want to wear denim tops every day and for all occasions.

P.s. I finally got my hands on these Current/Elliot's!!
When I first saw them I thought they were so 60's, 70's so I'm glad I was able to find them.
I also thought I would be one of the few who liked them but I've been wearing them everywhere like crazy and have been getting so many compliments!

I'm a huge fan of acid wash jeans.
I'm sure, in that I'm one of a few, but I don't mind, everyone has their own tastes.
Still it always makes me super happy when I see people wearing acid wash anything.
And obviously I highly approve of arnab's shorts.

I love arnab's oxfords.
I would though, since I found them and told them he should buy them.
Still they're such a great oxford style and the blue makes them super amazing.

P.s. Ruby says 'hi!'

anisa is wearing a Levi's denim shirt, Current/Elliott jeans, Betsey Johnson bag, and Topshop sandals
arnab is wearing an ASOS shirt, Ben Sherman hat, RayBan aviators, Levi's cut-offs, and Cole Haan oxfords

The post title is a lyric from Imagine Dragons' "On Top Of The World."
{I hear this lovely song when we watch Partners
My world got a little bit more happier when 'Marc St. James' re-entered it! ;)}
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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