Nov 2, 2012

i have dreams of orca whales and owls

I don't have dreams of orca whales or owls, though my dreams are pretty crazy.
I picked this lyric because of the place we took our pictures for this post.
There used to be a spray painted whale on the wall but it's gone now!

When I was taking arnab's pictures I realized we were both, unknowingly, wearing something our friend Iliana gave us.
{my dress and his tank}
How funny is that?
{anyway, I thought it was a hoot.}

anisa is wearing a Levi's blazer, Coincidence and Chance dress, vintage pin, vintage clutch, and Seychelles boots
arnab is wearing an Urban Outfitters tank, vintage sweater vest, Goorin Bros. hat, Levi's jeans, and Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from Regina Spektor's "Hotel Song."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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