Nov 27, 2012

this is f*cking awesome

Excuse my language!
The post title is from the song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz {who's voice is awesome!}
Listen and watch the video here. And while you're at it watch this one too, here.
 That song was the theme song for this past San Diego trip.
We drove down south with our lovely friend Iliana and the three of us love this song.
We heard it on the drive down, in our hotel room, on the drive up, pretty much every day of the trip.
So ya, we dubbed it the theme song of the trip.

So here are pictures from our trip:

 We stayed at the Bristol in downtown San Diego:

{such a cute hotel!}

We met up with Sosann, Alex, and Nilo:

And had dinner at the Marble Room:
{where we ate some delicious burgers and listened to some live music}

In the morning we went over to Hillcrest:

Had some coffee at Kona Coffee:
{I had the Kona Mocha, which was this white chocolate, Irish cream, cup of yumminess!}

And then had breakfast at Snooze:
{the wait was a bit ridiculous but thankfully the meal and company made up for it!} 

Afterwards we went shopping!
We went to a bunch of vintage, thrift, and book stores!

Here we are getting ready for another night out:

We had dinner at Cafe Lulu's with Iliana's lovely friend Fatana:

{we had a bunch of really yummy drinks, enjoyed a hookah, and had the tastiest dinner!}

 We had so much fun we all met up again the next morning for breakfast at this cute place called the Pannikan:
{great food! great atmosphere! loved it!}

Afterwards we did some more vintage shopping in Encinitas and then slowly made our way home.

About 30 min. into the drive we hit some traffic and decided to exit the freeway and roam about.
This led us to come upon some really fantastic vintage/thrift stores!
Plus we got to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast:

The post title is a lyric from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop (feat Wanz)."
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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