Dec 1, 2012

corazon de oro

Yes I did take Spanish for 3 years in high school, but no I didn't use that to come up with the post title.
It's actually a song title and I know for a fact I wouldn't know the meaning for "corazon" or "oro" if not for the song.
Sometimes when I'm out and about and I hear people speaking Spanish I try and eavesdrop just to see if I can understand them.
But don't worry, most of the times I understand little to nothing.

These pictures are from the Saturday of our San Diego trip.
The weather was pleasantly warm, perfect for exploring a new city!

anisa is wearing a JBrand denim jacket, Alternative Apparel shirt, BB Dakota skirt, vintage Moschino necklace, Alexander Wang bag, and Nine West flats
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Betsey Johnson necklace, Levi's jeans, and Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from Rancid's "Corazon de Oro."
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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