Dec 2, 2012


Hey guys!
Hope your weekends are going well! 
Ours has been grey and rainy and all together lovely, so long as you don't get wet!

The weekend started off with the beginning of the Target & Neiman Marcus collection going on sale. 
When I first heard of the partnership I was very intrigued.
When I saw the Band of Outsiders cookie cutters, I had to have them!
What I love about this collection is that there's such a variety of things and they're all so different and unique. 
Sometimes I don't pay that much attention to high-end designers partnering with stores like Target and H&M because the collections are the usual clothes, handbags, and shoes and I don't want to put much effort in getting them.
But I think with this collection you can actually find things that you can gift, that people will love. Which is wonderful, what with the holiday season starting.
The collection can be seen in store, at both Target and Neiman Marcus or you can shop online here.

Here are a few things that I loved:

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