Feb 29, 2012

i got this feeling that we're going in circles

We wore these outfits a few days back when it was still warm out.
We shot these looks in back of one of my favorite vintage stores. It's filled with vintage jewelry and it's always fun to stroll around and look at all the great pieces.

I think I may have too many pairs of jeans. But when I find more while shopping I always find myself asking "can anyone have too many pairs of jeans?" And now I'm thinking if I stopped myself from buying more jeans I would have this lovely pair!
(I'm a bit crazy for jeans, I know!)

arnab always has more restraint then I do. He is able to talk me, and my best friend, in to buying almost anything that we're on the fence about getting. When it comes to himself though, he'll want something, be on the fence about it, you'll give him really good reasons why he should buy whatever it is, and then the next thing you know he doesn't end up getting it! Still I don't think he's ever said no to a new pair of jeans.

anisa is wearing a vintage top, vintage belt, Les Folles De Joie high-rise jeans, vintage clutch, and MIA flats

arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel hood, Alternative Apparel shirt, Ray Ban glasses, Nepalese bag, Levi's cut-off shorts, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from Heartless Bastards' "Wide Awake."
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Feb 26, 2012

inspiration: Burberry Prorsum!

Burberry Prorsum RTW Fall 2012

London Fashion Week was this week and arnab directed my eyes to the Burberry Prorsum collection.
We were both extremely impressed with the men's collection, as you may remember from this post, and the women's collection was just as fabulous!


Find the rest here.


Feb 24, 2012

i've got these worn out shoes

Unknowingly this outfit is made up of items I've worn to death!
Thankfully, they aren't worn out, and I'm including my shoes in that statement (pay the post title no attention) because these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I do wear them pretty often, but thankfully they're still like new!

A button down shirt with jeans, and boots always make for a good outift, don't you think?
Also, I'm really liking arnab's new boots.
They're a great cross between combat boots and oxford shoes.

is wearing Forever 21 sweater, vintage bag, Current/Elliott jeans, and Calvin Klein heels

arnab is wearing a Velour button-down shirt, Levi's jeans, and Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's "Worn Out Shoes."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Feb 22, 2012


I dressed up my outfit with this vintage coat.
It's interesting how one item can change your whole outfit. 
 (I didn't realize how see-thru this top is!)

I love this leather jacket of arnab's.
It reaffirms why I love vintage so much.
It's very unique and it makes all outfits cool, instantly!

is wearing
vintage Bloomingdale's coat, Zara shirt, vintage bag, Current/Elliott jeans, and Calvin Klein heels
arnab is wearing vintage leather jacket, vintage scarf, Ben Sherman button-down shirt, Levi's jeans, Zara boots

The post title is a lyric from Noah And The Whale's "l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n."
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Feb 21, 2012

eat your heart: molten chocolate cake!

Molten Chocolate Cake

Remember this recipe post with about Tres Leches Cake? And the site I got it at? If you don't, the site was The Pioneer Woman and the reason I found the wonderful site is because of today's recipe, the Molten Chocolate Cake.

I have loved molten chocolate cakes since forever. Whenever I could have one I would, but it wasn't often and because of the fact that the inside is supposed to stay gooey, I was always stayed away from trying to make it. I recently had it at a restaurant and decided that I would attempt to make it, however hard it was to make. Turns out the recipe (at least this one) is so easy and the result is heaven!

Here are the ingredients.
A bit of advice:  For the semi-sweet baking chocolate, you can choose any brand but you should use one that you like cause the cake will mirror the taste. I like Ghirardelli's semi-sweet baking chocolate so that's what I used.

Here everything is mixed together. (so easy!)

Here's the cake served with some vanilla ice cream.

You can find the recipe here. Brandielle posted this recipe and thank gosh she did!
You can find a step by step in pictures here.

Happy baking!

Feb 18, 2012

inspiration: Theyskens' Theory

Theyskens' Theory RTW Fall 2012

My favorite collection from fashion week is Olivier Theyskens' Theyskens’ Theory collection. 
arnab and I are HUGE fans of Theyskens’ Theory, if only we could afford the pieces!
I was very excited to see this collection and I loved every bit of it.

(my favorite look!)

I got all the pictures from Elle here.

Feb 17, 2012

In perfect harmony

We wore these outfits to go shopping and for some In-N-Out (love that place!) over the weekend. 

When I was getting dressed I was actually going to wear darker colored shorts but then I spotted these shorts and I thought "what the hey!" and this was the result. I kind of really like the pop of bright color in my outfit and the fact that it's a shade of green is even better for me. 

And I don't know maybe it's in our genes cause arnab decided to add some (and by some I mean a lot) of color into his usually grey wardrobe. Funnily enough, though arnab has a lot of grey colored clothes, he also has a rather large collection of colored pantsand shorts!

anisa is wearing Elizabeth & James blazer, Alternative Apparel shirt, Levi's corduroy shorts, Target tights, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag, and Jeffrey Campbell boots 
arnab is wearing a Salt Valley button-down shirt, Robin shirt, Levi's jeans, and Guess by Marciano boots

The post title is a song by Vampire Weekend.
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Feb 15, 2012

oh it was so quiet that winter

This jacket is one of my favorites.
It's wonderfully warm and I love that it flares towards its bottom.
Plus, every time I see it I'm reminded of the lovely Penny Lane (of Almost Famous.) 
I can totally picture her in it.

(My first vintage bag. Isn't it gorgeous!)

I suspect this look of arnab's was inspired by Burberry Prorsum Men's RTW Fall 2012. He's been raving about it since the collection walked the runway (you can see our post on it here.) If he could, arnab would buy every piece from that collection (and then I'd probably"borrow" all the accessories!)

anisa is wearing a Free People jacket, H&M shirt, BCBGeneration skirt, vintage bag, and Michael Kors heels
arnab is wearing a Ben Sherman bomber jacket, Diesel shirt, Calvin Klein tie, RVCA jeans, and Alfani boots

The post title is a lyric from Heartless Bastards' "So Quiet."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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