Jan 16, 2013

d.i.y. chalkboard frame

 As gifts this past holiday season, I thought I'd try my hand at chalkboard frames.
The process was easy and the the supplies are fairly cheap and easy to get.
I made one for myself as well and I think these are super cute, especially as gifts.

What you need:
1. Chalkboard spray paint (like 1 or 2) or Paint (like 1)
{check you local stores like Micheal's- it may be cheaper}
2. White acrylic paint
3. Frame w/ the glass
4. Hard cardboard {optional}
5. Packaging tape {optional}
6. Wrapping paper, or similar {optional}
7. Spray adhesive {optional}

1. You can get your frames anywhere, I got mine at the Goodwill.
If you don't have the glass that usually comes with the frame or you don't want to use it, that's where the hard cardboard comes in.

2.Take out the glass or take the cardboard and slap on a layer of white acrylic paint, as a primer.
Let it dry for at least 30 min.

3. Then you're ready for the chalkboard spray or paint.
Remember to do this outside and definitely lay some newspaper down.
I used the spray and with the spray you do two layers, 15 minutes between, and then let it dry completely for about 2 days.

4. Then place the glass/cardboard in the frame and you're done!

{Additional steps I needed}
5. On the frames I got, I had to do away with the backing for two of the frames.
So what I did was add some extra backing behind the glass until it was at uniform level to the frame.
Then I taped it all down and you can leave it like that, or if you're giving it as a gift, you could cover the tape by getting some wrapping paper, cutting it to size, and then spraying it down with spray adhesive.

Gift 1: 

Gift 2: 
*I also painted all three of the frames.
I just painted on a layer of white acrylic paint, let it dry, and then painted it the color of my choice.
I use acrylic because it won't chip- you can find it at any craft or art store.


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